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BodyKalm, Bloomsbury

Before Christmas I was feeling really stressed out about a lot of things so started trawling the daily deals for a good massage deal. I was able to find one for a 45 minute massage at BodyKalm the spa located within MyHotel in Bloomsbury which included a glass of champagne and brownies too which was absolute perfection. Sadly they didn’t have an appointment for the evening I wanted so I had to arrange to have it in the new year instead.

BodyKalm spa MyHotel

It seemed to take FOREVER to  finally come around but that somehow made it seem more well deserved by the time it did. I’d been at the City Academy open day in the morning which included an hour-long Street Dance class so I was really looking forward to some relaxation. I was really early for my appointment but the waiting area was very comfortable and it wasn’t too long before I was taken down to the treatment room. You do have to walk through an office area to get to there but inside is very relaxed and smells absolutely delicious as you would expect of a spa.

I was given the option of a deep tissue or stressfix massage and opted for the latter before being left to undress and lie on the bed. The massage itself was very thorough and I could quite easily have fallen asleep as the atmosphere was so soothing.

Brownies and Champagne
Afterwards I was left to get dressed then returned to the waiting area to indulge in a glass of champagne and some hot chocolate brownie bites which I thought was a really lovely added touch to my little treat. What I will say though was that trudging home after being so relaxed wasn’t fun and I definitely lost a lot of my zen on the Central Line so I would probably recommend this to people who stay nearer by or perhaps even those spending the night in the hotel itself.

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