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Hebe Hair & Beauty, The Strand

It’s only been about 10 weeks since I went to RiRi’s to get my hair highlighted and I wouldn’t normally go to the hairdresser quite so soon again but I made the snap decision on Friday morning that I was going to get my hair cut short. I say snap decision but it was actually something I had considered doing for a while and hadn’t quite plucked up the courage to do so. Clearly I was feeling brave as I whipped open Wahanda at 11am and had booked myself in for a cut at a nearby hairdresser for 1:30pm, eek!


Wahanda is great for last-minute appointments like this and you usually get some sort of discount for booking with little notice (hairdressers/beauticians would rather they get paid some money for their time than be left idle and get no money at all) my cut at Hebe hair & Beauty on The Strand would usually have cost £59 but I paid just £29.50. Still a lot compared to the £29 I paid including highlights at RiRi’s but very good value for a spur of the moment decision!


I was really nervous about finally taking the plunge but I took the above picture of Taylor Swift who is my current style icon along with me and the stylist agreed that the look would really suit me and whipped me off to get my hair washed. The mini head massage that was given was also a boost as work had been pretty stressful that morning. I had butterflies as I was getting it cut but once the first snip was made that was it! Anyway, hair always grows back doesn’t it? She actually cut it a little shorter than I has expected and it graduates so it’s a bit longer at the front – while it was still wet I was a little worried about what I had done but as she started to dry it I started to relax a lot more and by the end I was really pleased. Here’s the before and after picture:


I love it a little bit and I was so pleased with the service in Hebe’s; I was in and out a new woman in less than 45 minutes! What do you think? Have you ever taken the plunge and gone for a totally different hair style?

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