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K West Spa, Shepherd’s Bush

The first thing I like to do when I check in to a hotel room is find the guidebook and read it from cover to cover. A bit weird I know but I like to know what to expect when I visit a hotel and my visit to K West was no different. Reading that little booklet turned out to be a fabulous idea as that’s where I discovered that residents of the hotel could make use of the award-winning spa between 8pm and 10pm on weekdays for a mere £10. Given all the walking and sightseeing we had done over the previous few days I decided to treat myself and pop along.


To start I was the only person there which was great as it meant I could flit from one experience room to the other with glee without looking like the complete child I am. The sauna and steam rooms were standard fare but I adored the hydrotherapy pool with the twinkly lights on the ceiling lulling me to relaxation. The snow paradise was also an experience and not quite as cold as I was anticipating. The biggest let down were the footspas as they were basically just sinks on the floor, no bubbles or massage functions and I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t explore enough to discover the sun meadow.

The whole place was very clean and I was given flip-flops and a dressing gown upon entering to use. There were plenty of towels and it was nice to see that there was a variety of water jugs available with cucumber, lemon slices etc to keep you hydrated throughout. I stayed for about 90 minutes and a few other people came to peruse the facilities within this time too but it was extremely quiet which added to the calm of the spa. I do think that the prices for external visitors to the spa seem a bit steep; £25 if booked with a treatment or £50 if not but if you’re staying at the hotel mid-week I definitely recommend you pop along for a little relaxation spa style!

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    1. So the snow paradise was a small stone room that was kept at below zero and has was appeared to be fresh snow all over the walls! You could grab handfuls of it and rub over your body to cool down if you were that way inclined. I just settled for standing in the cold until I’d cooled down then hot footed it back to the sauna/hydrotherpay pool! Ha x

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