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Spa London: York Hall, Bethnal Green

I have to admit as I hopped off the bus directly outside York Hall my heart sank a little. The building, from the outside, looks like a 60’s council gym which could use a little bit of work and the entrance hall didn’t fare much better. The spa however is located in the basement and once the gate was opened at 9am things started to improve.


You may remember that I was visiting Spa London using a voucher I’d bought on just before Christmas. This entitled me to three hours in the spa and a short 15 minute treatment of my choice from; spa LONDON Traditional Scrub, spa LONDON Traditional Oil Effleurage or a spa LONDON Traditional Algae Detox. You have to ring up in advance to book and the spa offer three sessions; 9am to midday, 12:30pm to 3:30pm and 4pm til 7pm. I went with the 9am slot as the midday one was full and I knew by 4pm I probably wouldn’t want to leave the house.

Upon arrival I was asked to complete a short form then given a tote bag with towel, robe and padlock for the lockers. I was also asked my shoe size and had to swap my boots for a pair or sexy flip-flops before being directed to the changing rooms. It’s worth noting that Saturdays are ladies only days which is great for those who may be a bit more body conscious and because of this both changing rooms were available for use. I went to the one to the left of the entrance and while it was a nice calming space it was incredibly small with about forty lockers but only two showers, one hairdryer and one set of straighteners! I didn’t think much about it at the time but later this was a huge part of my decision to leave early.


The facilities at York Hall include; hammam, tepidarium, caldarium, laconium, two aroma steam rooms, a sauna, monsoon showers, ice fountain, plunge pool, hydrotherapy pool (which didn’t seem to be available when I was there) and a relaxation area where you could chill out read magazines and rehydrate with complimentary infused water and fresh fruit (apples). I spent most of my time flitting between the wet hot of the aroma steam rooms, the dry heat of the sauna and cooling down using the monsoon shower which was bloody freezing (as it’s meant to be). I wasn’t brave enough for the plunge pool I’m afraid.

I was booked in for my short treatment at 10:30am so a few minutes prior waited outside the treatment rooms before being ushered inside by my therapist (whose name unfortunately escapes me at this time) I’d gone for the traditional scrub so was asked to take off my swimwear, put on a pair of paper knickers (oh my it’s been a while since I’ve had to wear a pair of those) and lie face down on the massage table. My body was then brushed using a soft body brush then scrubbed with a delicious lemongrass smelling body scrub before being told to wash it all off in the shower. Let me tell you my skin hasn’t felt as amazing as that in a very long time. It was so soft and smelled amazing!

Afterwards I popped back into the spa for a little while longer but decided to call it a day just after 11am. I didn’t want to be fighting over the showers and it meant I could take my time getting ready rather than rushing. I definitely left feeling very relaxed. The usual price for three hours use of the thermal spa is £25 and the scrub is £15 but I had both for just £18 which was amazing value. If there had been more space I would definitely have booked in for a back and shoulder massage as I’m desperately in need of one but I guess that’s just an excuse for more pampering in the near future!

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  1. I am on the hunt for a basic, affordable sauna/ steam room experience in London and really enjoyed reading this post. Have you visited any other good saunas in London using vouchers?

    1. I haven’t I’m afraid. Only been to this one and the spa at K West hotel (which is expensive if you’re not staying) definitely something I need to do more of! x

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