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Fitness Friday: City Academy – Diva Dance Taster Class

The only exercise I have ever enjoyed and stuck with is dancing. A couple of years back when I was still living in Aberdeen I was attending three or four classes a week at Citymoves, a local dance studio in the city centre not far from my flat, and I actually got up to a reasonable level of fitness. As such ever since I moved to London I’ve been trying to find classes that work with my schedule and also don’t cost the earth. Back home they were around £5 each for an hour long class but here you’re lucky if you can find anything that costs less than £15.

city academy

Then a couple months back I spotted a tweet from Skint London that City Academy were offering a free taster class for new customers and signed myself up for one of their Diva Dance classes. These tasters are a perfect way of figuring out if the style of dance is right for you and also if you get along with the instructor. I know it probably sounds silly but the style of teaching really makes a difference in how much I enjoy a class. I’m not the best dancer and I can be horribly uncoordinated but I do love it, so if an instructor is getting frustrated with me for not quite getting a move then they aren’t for me. Dancing is meant to be fun!

Luckily I didn’t have to worry about that with Tarnya who was utterly fantastic. It ended up being a small class of only four of us and I was a bit worried about being singled out but I needn’t have, she was incredibly encouraging and taught us so much in the short class. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up to a six week Street Dance class for which she is the instructor and I am loving it! I just wish there were more drop in/taster classes to choose from as it’s quite difficult for me to fit a whole course into my schedule and it’s too expensive to be missing out on classes.

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