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Fitness Friday: Keepfit Bootcamp hosted by Legal & General

I’ve decided to try and get my blog a bit more “out there”. I love writing it and sharing my life and adventures with people but it’s nice to connect with bloggers in the real world too. So last weekend I went along to my first ever blogger event, a keepfit bootcamp hosted by Legal & General. You may be wondering why oh why an investment and insurance company were hosting a bootcamp of all things but it’s all part of their latest venture Health Quest which is designed to encourage their customers to lead a healthier lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: I attended this event for free in exchange for blogging about the event. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

I was up bright and early (well for a Sunday morning!) and headed to International Student House where we were going to be put through our paces in an energetic hour-long class. Our instructor for the day was Gabriel and after some brief introductions he got right to work getting us warmed up. Most of the other girls at the event were fitness focused bloggers and this showed in their amazing workout style and the fact that they were a LOT fitter than I was, huffing and puffing after just a few minutes, you get the idea!


After we were well and truly hot and bothered we moved on to circuits with exercises ranging from bicycle crunches to skipping to lunges. A lot of the moves were compound exercises meaning that they worked multiple muscle groups at the same time. By the end of our fourth circuit we were only halfway through the class and I was already starting to feel a bit worn out. But then it was time to get the gloves and pads out for a bit of boxing! I was paired with the lovely Becs of The Style Dynamo and we were able to have a nice wee chat while she put up with my terrible hand/eye co-ordination and inability to count. This was definitely my favourite part of the bootcamp and felt a lot less like working out than the rest. The stretches at the end were very good too though! Keepfit bootcamp have classes throughout London at both indoor and outdoor locations including both Hyde and Regents Park’s. They each last between 45 minutes and an hour burning up to 600 calories per session. They offer various different membership options as well as very reasonable pay as you go rates. Booking is done entirely online and is open 24 hours a day which is an added bonus in my opinion. Overall it was a really good way to start the day and I’d like to thank Legal & General for the invitation.

After the event I did a little more digging in to the L&G Health Quest and discovered their healthy living site. The quest starts with a questionnaire all about your lifestyle and at the end of this you’re given your Q score. Your Q Score helps you to understand just how healthy you are by placing you in a virtual queue of 100 people. The higher up the queue you are the healthier you are and the site then provides you with progress trackers and action plans to help you improve on your number. I filled out the quiz and wasn’t really surprised to get a score of just 51, which is within the transformation range.

q score

The site then shows you which areas to focus on in order to improve your score. (Mine wants me to try to increase by at least 9 so that I’m with the healthy range.) It’s not really a surprise that Exercise and Nutrition/Diet are my highest risk factors as I really do live a very sedentary daily life outwith my London wanderings so I’ve set myself a goal of exercising more to start with. The nutrition side is a but more difficult for me as having crohn’s means that there are suggestions that I can’t follow. (e.g. I can’t eat too many high fibre foods including fruit and veg) At the start of the questionnaire there were questions on health conditions you have/are at risk of but sadly crohn’s wasn’t one of them so of course this has not been taken in to account.

q2Of course I know the limitations of my own body and so should you if you have any conditions like this which may change the idea of a “healthy diet” for you. As always you should consult a doctor before embarking on any major lifestyle changes. It’s definitely opened my eyes to areas where I can definitely be making improvements.

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