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Fitness Friday: London Live Fitness

With con season fast approaching I knew it was time to look into some exercise classes to help me tone up those wobbly bits before donning some of the more revealing outfits I have planned and thanks to Groupon I was able to snag myself two months of unlimited Zumba, Yoga and HIIT classes with London Live Fitness. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’ve been to a total of three zumba classes; two at the Urdang2 studio and one at Verve in Leicester Square. I’m not bendy enough for yoga but I do hope to attend at least one of the HIIT classes before my two months are up.


I have to admit I prefer Verve as a venue which is a bit weird as it’s actually a club but the mirrored ceilings and disco lights totally add to the atmosphere where as the other is just a general dance studio which feels more like regular exercise. They’ve also just started doing Wednesday classes at Waterloo which is even handier for work. Sadly I won’t be making any of these as I start burlesque classes this upcoming Wednesday but it’s good that there are lots of options.

The instructors that I’ve had are both fun and energetic and know how to keep the energy up in a class. There’s a nice mix of fitness levels too so you don’t feel as though you’re an absolute idiot when you get a move wrong. Zumba isn’t about being perfect, it’s about having fun while exercising and it’s certainly my favourite kind.

If you’re interested in attending classes they offer an unlimited 10 day class for £10, monthly unlimited classes from £25.99 or PAYG classes in blocks of 4 or 8 for £30 and £56 respectively making classes £7.50/£7 each which is great value for central London. Once my two months are up I’ll probably pay for some of these as it’s a really fun way to exercise but I doubt I can attend enough on a monthly basis to make the unlimited pass worth my while.

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