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Fitness Friday: Nuffield Health, Covent Garden

As part of the DW Fitness Winter Wonderbody challenge I’ve been doing the rounds of the various gyms near my office (taking full advantage of their free trials)  as sadly there isn’t a DW Fitness near enough for me to use. I work on the Strand right in the middle of London and it often surprises me that there are these huge cavernous gyms hidden right in plain sight! The Covent Garden branch of Nuffield Health is just one of those places and it’s a truly special gym so I wanted to dedicate a post to it.


The gym is on three levels. The first level has what appears to be offices and a dedicated spin studio, the next has the smaller studio, free weights area and changing rooms and right on the bottom is where the main gym floor lies along with another (slightly larger) studio and the pool/spa area. Yes this gym has its own spa – more on this soon! There is a lot of equipment for you to choose from so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to wait for a bike or a running machine if that takes your fancy.

Personally I prefer trying out different classes and was able to squeeze in a pilates one during one of my two visits. There’s no need to book and all classes are included in the cost of your membership so there’s no extra cost for these either which is great. But the real pull for me is the pool and spa area. I don’t know of any other gym in the area with such great facilities.



Sure the pool is a little on the small side but it’s never over crowded and you won’t find it full of children like the LA Fitness one. The sauna and steam room are also a great size and perfect for unwinding after a hard session as is the jacuzzi pool where I spent far too much time floating around in.

The membership for a gym like this is of course not cheap (starts from £69 per month) and for that reason alone I haven’t (yet) signed up. But a really great perk about this chain over others is that you can use any of their other gyms included in the price of your membership as long as they’re the same tier level or lower. (Covent Garden is a tier 1 gym which is the top-level so you can access all of the other venues)

P.S. I’m not being paid to post this I just thought I’d share my experiences with you – some of the other gyms just wanted to sell, sell, sell (one even kept my passport while I worked out so that I couldn’t leave without her trying to push a membership on me)

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