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Rockalily Cuts, Hackney

When someone posts on a Facebook group that you’re a member of offering free blowdry’s because the salon is quiet you don’t say no. When that salon is Rockalily Cuts in Hoxton you do a little squee and a fist pump which is exactly what happened this past weekend.

Hopefully you’re following my new YouTube channel Not a Beauty Expert but if not you won’t have seen this video that went live at the weekend where I talk about my haircare plans for this year and just happen to mention that I want to treat myself to professional blowdries more often. Seems like fate was listening huh?

Rockalily Cuts Exterior
*Disclaimer: While my blow dry at Rockalily’s was free I was under no obligation to post about my experience. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

Rockalily’s is a small hair salon on Kingsland Road in Hackney that is quite unassuming from the outside but inside is vintage heaven with its mismatched old dressers and old-fashioned barber chairs.
Rockalily Cuts Interior

The service they offer is a little different from your regular hairdresser. When I arrived I was offered tea, coffee or a beer! Sadly I can’t drink the stuff so I stuck to a good ol’ cuppa which came in a cup as equally quirky as the decor.

Rockalily’s specialise in vintage and rockabilly hair styles although their main aim is simply to make you fall in love with your hair again. They certainly achieved this with me as you’re about to see!

Rockalily Cuts Before

In my bid to only wash my hair twice a week I hadn’t washed mine since the Friday morning and I figured since it was about to get washed I could get away with skipping the dry shampoo if I threw it up in a ponytail.

As I’m sure I’ve complained about many times before I have very fine hair which basically doesn’t hold any kind of style so when the lovely Kelsie asked how I wanted my hair blow dried (I can’t be the only person who gets stumped by this question can I?) I asked for as much volume as she could possibly get. Here are the results:

Amazing right? (I think this is my most liked picture on Instagram EVER, follow me if you wanna here) I had NO idea that my hair could look so damn good and it’s reinforced the fact that they’re really good value for money as they last longer than a home blow dry. In fact, I only just washed my hair again this evening and it was still looking alright if I say so myself. I would have probably gotten away with just using some dry shampoo tomorrow too if I hadn’t been going out to the theatre tomorrow! A blow dry at Rockalily’s costs £25 which is about average for London and worth every penny.

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