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ClueQuest, Kings Cross

On a wet and windy night, a few weeks ago, I finally got to try out ClueQuest; the number one live escape game in London (according to TripAdvisor anyway). I always see these guys at Comic Con and have been meaning to give them a go for a while but you know how life is! After about 15 minutes walking from King’s Cross in the pouring rain ClueQuest’s bright yellow (and warm) waiting room welcomed us in from the cold and we settled in for a mission briefing.

The ClueQuest building is HUGE allowing them to provide not one, not two but three escape room challenges of varying difficulties (and they’re expanding next door with even more games).  I went with a big group of people from the Love PopUps London community and we had three teams, two taking on Operation BlackSheep and the team I was on trying the easiest of the three challenges Plan 52.

Now when I say easy I mean relative to the other two – they still give it a 3/5 difficulty rating and trust me when I say it isn’t easy!

*Disclaimer: I took part in ClueQuest’s Plan52 for free in exchange for blogging about my experience. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

PLAN52 is one of our top secret locations from where our spies run their covert operations. However, something terrible has happened: four of our agents who were stationed there have vanished without a trace. We have proof that this was the work of a double agent. Furthermore, Mr Q suspects that the evil Professor BlackSheep helped the double agent to cover his tracks.

It is up to you and your team to investigate this risky matter and learn the identity of the double agent. But be careful, Mr Q has confirmed that the traitor has managed to reset the security device of the facility! From the moment you set foot inside PLAN52 you will have just 60 Minutes to learn who the double agent was and deactivate the device before the entire facility detonates.

Everyone in the team had taken part in escape rooms before so we all set to work right away and were making good progress storming our way in to the next room. I’ve done a few escape rooms now so it’s difficult to say a whole lot of new things about them but I must say this one involved quite a few more padlocks than most! There’s also an element of teamwork needed in this one to make it to the end and we did end up completely stumped at one point but we were doing so well that the gamesmaster refused to give us a hint lol.

In the end, we made it out with just under 5 minutes to spare so I’m happy to say I’ve still completed every room I’ve attempted so far. I really want to return and give the other two games a go especially as they increase in difficulty!


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