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Escape Land, Bethnal Green


After stuffing ourselves silly at Bumpkin we went on a bus adventure around East London in search of Escape Land, one of several live escape games you can now participate in in London where you enter a locked room with a team of 3-5 friends and have just 60 minutes to solve all sorts of puzzles and mysteries to open the door and escape.

This particular challenge had a Steam Punk theme although there wasn’t a whole lot to it and I do think that a bit more decoration and a few more red herrings around the place would help to give the room a better vibe. I can honestly say however that I don’t think I have had so much fun since I discovered The Drowned Man back in May (although they are a very different kettle of fish) and it fairly got my adrenaline going.


We laughed, we grumbled, we gave up on some puzzles in favour of letting someone else had a go and we stubbornly kept at others until we managed to figure the damn thing out. I’d already told my team that failure was NOT an option and luckily we made it out with 5 minutes 47 seconds left on the clock.

There’s not a lot more I can tell you about Escape Land as it would really spoil the experience and while the pricetag might look a little expensive (Escape Land is actually the cheapest of the ones I’ve found in London so far) it’s worth every penny and I’m hoping to return to other locations to see if I can crack the mysteries of their rooms as well!

P.S. Check out my friend Rob’s blog post on our visit to Escape Land here.

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