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James Murdock’s Office – Hint Hunt

I’ve done a few different escape rooms in London now but until last week I hadn’t had the pleasure of trying out the O.G. of escape rooms: Hint Hunt. Purporting to be the very first and best rooms in London how would they compare to those I’ve taken part in previously.

I was there with a group from the Love Pop Ups – London Facebook group most of whom I hadn’t met before and as there were 10 of us we split into two teams of 5 and went head to head in identical rooms – James Murdock’s Office.

*Disclaimer: I took part in Hint Hunt for free in exchange for blogging about my experience. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

A crime scene investigation where a private detective has found a dead body in his office and he has been wrongly accused of murder. The police have sealed off the office and you have managed to gain access to the crime scene. You only have one hour to find the evidence and clues to wind up with case, prove JM’s innocence and find your way out of the locked room!

I mean it does what it says in the tin! You get locked in and a screen in the corner of the room starts counting down from 60 minutes while you frantically search the room for anything and everything that could be considered a clue and will allow you to uncover a key or figure out a padlock code.

This room more than any other I have done focused on the finding of things rather than the solving of puzzles (I guess the clue was in the company name!) and some of the clues were really well hidden especially as we’d been warned before the game started not to force anything to the point it could break. We needed quite a few hints – more so than I’ve needed in any other game – but were told at the end that we needed far less hints than most people.

We also had a slight mishap in our room as the previous team had lost one of the keys and the team were unable to find it when resetting the room so added another. Of course, we then found the original missing key allowing us early access to an area we shouldn’t really have been in by that point and our game being interrupted while this was explained. Despite this we still managed to finish the room with 4 minutes left on the clock as we scrambled to figure out who the real killer was!

Huge thank you to Love Pop Ups – London for a fantastic evening!

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