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MeetspaceVR, Wembley

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out MeetspaceVR in exchange for a review. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way. 

I visited MeetspaceVR as a group of 15 with Love Pop Ups London so as the room only allows for a maximum of 8 people at a time we split into two teams and took turn about. To get our bearings with the VR equipment we first tried the Engineerium experience which is a kind of mini game that gets you moving around the room and completing little challenges as a team e.g. all getting to the same spot or standing at particular parts of the map. 

The visuals on this game are incredible, with some VR games the visuals can break up and sort of stutter but this didn’t happen once that I noticed throughout the 15 minute experience. The scenery is bright and colourful but despite this being so far from reality, you really feel like you’re up high looking over the edge when you do. It’s very cool but trippy! (And might not be ideal for anyone with a fear of heights!) You also don’t have sensors on any other parts of your body except the visor and backpack so you won’t be able to see your feet or hands while in the simulation which is a weird feeling.

After this gentle introduction we were taken upstairs so the other team could have their turn and were allowed to have a play with what most people are likely to be familiar with as home VR kits. We battled it out against each other at Beat Saber – a game similar to Dance Dance Revolution but using the controllers instead of your feet. So. much. fun!

Finally it was time to get our guns out and take on the zombies in Zombie Survival – this was a high adrenaline shootem up but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first game we played for a couple of reasons. The zombies/bad guys were all great but we couldn’t really move around too much as we were restricted to quite a small area of the map and with 8 people it got a bit crowded at points. You could go up and down in a couple of lifts but there wasn’t a LOT to explore when you did – it would have been better if there were multiple levels through which you could progress. 

I believe the Outbreak Origins game that is also on offer does have these features. In fact I think MeetspaceVR might have the most variety in VR games that I’ve seen so far, including player v player and escape room options to keep you coming back for more! (As you know I LOVE the latter so am hoping to return soon to try one!)  

I’ve tried VR before, in fact I’ve even tried free roam VR at a now closed space, but nothing like this! The team at MeetspaceVR made us feel right at home and we all had an absolute blast. The location inside Wembley Box Park (they also have branches in Nottingham and Birmingham, Manchester coming soon) is great with a HUGE number of options for you to grab something to eat afterwards and debrief on the experience. 

Pricing varies with the cheapest options being off peak between 2 and 5pm Monday to Thursday but no matter when you go you only ever pay per person and aren’t stuck paying a higher price just because there are only a couple of you, something that really frustrates me with these kind of experiences! This does mean that you might be playing with strangers but you also might get lucky and end up with the whole place to yourself, especially if you book off-peak.

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