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Murder in the Artist’s Bedroom – Escape Hunt

You may remember this post from forever ago (or it certainly seems like it was forever ago) where a couple of friends and I took on our first ever locked room mystery game. I’ve been wanting to do another ever since and my birthday seemed just as good an excuse as any! This time I booked one of the many rooms at Escape Hunt who are one of the pioneers in the locked room game field and currently have three different scenarios and ten rooms in total for you to play. Our mystery of choice was “Murder in the Artist’s Bedroom”.

The first thing I’ll say is that this was a far more impressive operation than EscapeLand. OK so we weren’t convinced by the office building door tucked in the corner of a square in the middle of the city but once you were down in the depths of the building it was a whole other world. We were greeted by a games master dressed Sherlock Holmes style and asked to wait on some super comfy leather sofas until our room was ready. There were a few other groups there and the place was bustling with happy, excited people.


After being advised of a couple of rules it was our turn to enter and I have to say on first glance I was bit disappointed… the room was pretty sparse, where were all of the clues?! But that’s where this locked room differs massively from the previous one I’d done. Here you HAVE to solve one puzzle before you can move on to the next and to be honest the initial puzzle had us all bloody stumped! We got there eventually and soon made some progress.

I’m not sure which method I like better to be honest, having lots of things to solve meant that you couldn’t see everything in the initial game but it was incredibly frustrating being stuck on a clue and not being able to progress. I think in a couple of instances it was a case of too many cooks! Regardless it was incredibly good fun and we made it out with just three minutes to spare I think.

For those who were able to solve the crime there was a photobooth to celebrate your achievement. One of our number (not naming any names, Jen 😛 ) may have had a little bit of an issue realising that she’d activated the photobooth by mistake resulting in this beautiful shot as I walked past completely oblivious drinking my frappuccino. Hello double chin! The other pictures were just as beautiful :’) See if you can find us on their Facebook Page.


I really recommend these guys and I’m a teeny bit competitive so I would love to return with a couple of teams and race against each other too. Regardless I’ll definitely be checking out the other games they have on offer at some point.

3 thoughts on “Murder in the Artist’s Bedroom – Escape Hunt

    1. All sorts from maths puzzles, code breaking, logic. The first one I went on had a lot more physical puzzles too like putting pipes together and getting a key out of a box using poles etc both very good fun! x

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