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School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Enigma Quests

Enigma Quests isn’t like any locked room game company I’ve encountered and their School of Witchcraft and Wizardry game isn’t like any I’ve ever played. In fact, they don’t even call it a locked room game. Instead they see it as a quest. A quest to graduate from the school of witchcraft and wizardry.


Basically in order to graduate you have to complete a series of puzzles that test their skills in various classes such as potions and ancient runes. As you figure out each of these you are rewarded with a wooden ball to show that you have passed in this subject. We spent the first five minutes in complete awe at our surroundings as the attention to detail in the rooms was beyond anything I have ever seen. A lot of locked room games don’t really have a cohesive theme or story but here the complete opposite is true.


What sets Enigma Quests apart from the others that I have taken part it is that it’s impossible to completely fail the game. Even if you only obtain four out of five of the wooden balls you still feel as though you have achieved something and are also given the opportunity to carry on even after the time limit is up so you can experience the game to the full. They also don’t rely on too many padlocks and codes instead using some really remarkable technology to give the illusion of real magic.

I’ve done a total of four “escape rooms” now and have made it out of each one successfully. This one was by far the hardest though and we graduated with less than a minute to spare! It was a really intense ending.


The team at Enigma are also huge assets. They are so incredibly passionate having participated in dozens of games themselves as research so they could determine what does and does not work for their games. They have two more quests planned Heist, where your team has to carry out the biggest heist in modern history and Interstellar, where you leave Earth and travel across the galaxies. If the standard of the next two games is as good as the current one, then they’ve definitely found the way to set themselves apart from their competitors. I’m already on the mailing list to be one of the beta testers for Heist when it’s time to launch!

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