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You probably realise by now that I LOVE a good escape room adventure and there are so many of them around London to choose from with varying degrees of difficulty and it’s difficult to know which are worth the money. I think I’ve done about 8 escape rooms now but when I was invited along by some of the Love London Pop Ups community to check out the Sherlock inspired escape room I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Having now been I have to say The Game is Now is hands down the absolute best I’ve encountered so far. The attention to detail is second to none starting from the fake opticians in the middle of the W12 shopping center that acts as the start of the adventure, to the rooms themselves which could easily double as sets from the TV show. It’s not surprising that the decoration is so spot on given that this is an officially licensed escape room but that does mean that the game comes at a hefty price tag of £54pp for 90 minutes of fun.

Given that it’s based on the BBC’s Sherlock it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this experience is more about using your mental agility and teamwork (some tasks require multiple people to complete it) rather than simply finding keys and codes to unlock various padlocks. It’s HARD and that’s what makes it so good in my opinion although I could also see it going the other way and totally frustrating other people especially if it’s their first time in an escape room. We made it to the end with literally seconds to spare but I was super happy just to have my streak intact!

The Game is Now will appear to one of two types of people; number one those that love the BBC version of Sherlock and want to take a walk in his shoes or two people who have done a few escape rooms already so are getting pretty savvy at them and in need of something a bit more challenging. Luckily I’m both but I do think that this escape room would be great for people who just want one or the other especially if it’s to celebrate a special occasion.

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