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Slava’s Snow Show, Royal Festival Hall


I’d heard good things about Slava’s Snow Show from friends around the country who had seen it elsewhere so when it came to the Royal Festival Hall in December I figured I should probably go and see it, I promptly forgot and it wasn’t until TimeOut Offers had a deal for half price tickets that I actually booked mine for the last performance of the season. The hall was pretty packed out by the time the performance began and soon it was also filled with laughter. Everyone’s laughter it seems except mine…

IMG_5063I just didn’t get it. It was basically a mime show so the music was key and actually very beautiful but there didn’t seem to be any cohesion. The end to the first half was pretty cool when a curtain made of “web” made its way from the stage right to the back of the hall enveloping the entire audience in one piece.


The show was also incredibly short with each half only lasting around thirty minutes and the second half didn’t fare much better that the first. At one point I heard a young child ask her family why everyone was laughing which completely summed up the evening to me. The snow storm could have been pretty spectacular but the lights were so incredibly bright that you couldn’t get a proper look at the stage to see what was going on! The evening ended with about a dozen or so large balls being let loose in the crowd and there was a lot of excitement from kids young and old getting to mess around with these. I only paid £15 for my ticket but top price for those lucky enough to be right at the front was almost £50! I would have been extremely disappointed to have paid that kind of price.

P.S – I’ve categorised this under live music even though I’m not entirely sure that’s where it belongs!

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