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The Scarlett London Bloggers Ball

A couple of weeks back I made the spontaneous decision to grab a ticket for Scarlett London’s sold out Bloggers Ball when one became available. I love any excuse to have a natter with fellow bloggers and since starting my #NotaBeautyExpert beauty channel I’ve been taking much more of an interest in finding brands to try especially those that are cruelty free.

This was my first Scarlett London event so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I met up with Emma nearby and we walked the venue where the event was being hosted. It was held in DSTRK club in Piccadilly which I’d never been to before but was incredibly beautiful. We arrived right on time and the place was already starting to fill up so we decided to start at the back and work our way back to the front which was definitely the best plan as certain areas were super crowded even as little as half an hour later.

Unfortunately, in all of my excitement I took very few pictures while there – although if you follow me on snapchat I did give some sneak peeks –I was just way too busy talking to the representatives of some truly interesting brands.

It’s so rare you find navy jewellery! Love these stackable bracelets from #bohoBetty #styleastack #bloggersball

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Some of my favourites included Boho Betty who make gorgeous wrap around bracelets that you can mix and match to suit your own style. I was super happy to see they even had some in navy blue which is a really underrated colour and totally went with my outfit for the day.

The lovely Pamela from Mortar and Milk was there repping Exuviance which is a skincare brand I had never heard of before. She left quite an impression on me as she knew before I had even answered that my main skin concern is that it’s quite dry and recommended several products for me to try to help improve on this.

Bloggers Ball So Fragrances

Making lots of us reminisce about our teenage years was So…? Fragrances who I have to admit I hadn’t thought about in a very long time! They’ve expanded a lot over the years and now have three separate collections. The original collection, the couture collection and the rock n roll collection so there really is something for everyone.

It’s no secret that I love chocolate and especially flavoured chocolate (rose and violet being my favourite just FYI) so it was nice to chat to the team behind Seed and Bean, a UK brand who produce ethical, sustainable, organic and even vegan chocolate in a variety of flavours. I got to taste their brand new fennel flavour and while it might sound like a weird combination I can assure you it works.

Bloggers Ball On the Beach

Always dreaming of my next vacation it was great to chat to On the Beach who are looking to work more closely with bloggers in the future, wayhey! Sadly, I didn’t win the competition prize of a £500 holiday voucher but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on their site for deals when I’m looking to book my hols next Summer (I’m already booked for Vegas this year, so excited!)

I was also very curious to hear about Chinup Mask – the non-surgical face lift – which claims you can lose several cm’s from your chin with each use and I cannot wait to give this a go for a YouTube video!

Bloggers Ball Bloggosphere

Blogosphere were also in attendance and it was great to chat to their representatives as the magazine really seems to have taken off this year. It might seem strange that a print magazine about bloggers is a thing when blogging is such an online focused thing but for many bloggers seeing their work in print is the ultimate dream so this actually makes a lot of sense. The magazine certainly seems to be going from strength to strength and I really do need to make a note to pick up a copy when I’m next in WH Smiths!

Of course this is just a handful of the brands who were in attendance but if you want to see what else I was lucky enough to walk away with after the ball then be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as there will be a haul video going up there very soon indeed.

Huge thank you to Scarlett London and all of the brands and bloggers who attended for such a lovely afternoon.

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