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Awesome Women of Twitter Picnic

On Saturday I went for a picnic with the Awesome Women of Twitter (and some awesome guys too). I discovered AWOT just before I moved to London and excitedly attended my first meetup the night before I moved into my flat. I followed so many new and wonderful people who I must say it’s been quite difficult keeping track of who was who!

The second event they’ve had since I moved was the picnic and it was a truly lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon. We met up at Regents Park tube then found a lovely spot in the park, we had all taken a little something along which of course meant that there was way more food than any of us could possibly have eaten!


IMG_3190Lots of the girls love to bake and cook but I cheated with bought cocktail sausages and mini kievs! I was kind of glad to add a bit of savoury to the overload of sweet stuff. The gorgeous Oreo and cream cheese truffles were made by the gorgeous @laurenbravo and the stunning cakes by the equally lovely @SolisCupCakes. The sun was shining and things did start to melt but that just added to the challenge of getting things eaten as quick as we could! Unfortunately I’ve had a mouth sore for the past ten days which has made eating painful and impossible to do gracefully so I didn’t dare try as much as I would have liked to but the conversation more than made up for my rumbling tummy.

Hopefully there will be another AWOT meet up soon! If you’re a female in London why not give it a look and pop along? They’re free to attend!

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  1. Sounds brilliant and what a great way to make new friends , enjoying reading about your exploits in the big smoke : ) x Dawn

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