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Celebrating #July4thwithThree

I’m not American but ever since I first watched the movie Clueless I wanted to attend an American High School and go to an American University College. Neither of these things ever happened but I was super excited when I was invited along to Three’s Fourth of July Party.

*Disclaimer: I attended this event for free in exchange for blogging about the event. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

Jen and I headed to The Pickle Factory after our latest afternoon tea outing which was a slight mistake. We were greeted with a table laden with American food from fried pickles to mac n cheese and my favourite; Nachos!

We grabbed a drink and took a few silly photos using the photo booth props that were around before venturing out into the sunshine where some other lovely bloggers were engaged in a game of beer pong.

Having only seen beer pong played in movies I was shocked to discover that there are a TON of rules to the game. Sadly I can’t drink beer so I didn’t play myself but it was so fun to watch the concentration on everyone’s faces especially during the Bloggers vs Plus Ones game.

IMG_4082 IMG_4085

As if the little nibbles that had been provided weren’t enough there was a full-blown Fourth of July BBQ to be had with burgers, corn on the cob, green beans, slaw and hotdogs fighting for room in my stomach. I caved and had a burger which was OMG good (don’t believe me check out Katy’s vlog for her opinion around 3:43)

Then it was time for more games with an epic game of flip cup, something I’d never even heard of. If you haven’t either, here’s the low down: you split into two teams at opposite sides of a long table, each person gets a red cups and fills them with beer, the person at the top of the table downs their drink and when finished has to balance the cup upside down on the edge of the table and flip it until it lands correct way up. Once they manage it’s the turn of the next person to go and so on and so forth until you reach the end of the table. First team to all successfully flip their cup wins! It was tense and hilarious.

To round out of evening we were given apple pie as well as milk & cookies for dessert (I’m sorry but how cute are these?!)


Before being let loose to play with some sparklers! A great way to finish up a fabulous event I’m sure you’ll agree. Finally there was a prize for the best photo uploaded during the day which I’m pleased to say Jen won and now I’m trying to convince her that she should use her new tablet to start blogging!

Some lucky bloggers were also given Samsung Galaxy S6’s to play around with at the event and while I didn’t get to try it myself you could clearly see how great the camera was for taking photos on the go.

Thanks so much to Three for having us!

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