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Eggcellent Value for Money

This blog has brought me many opportunities some more exciting than others but the invitation from Quidco to taste test Easter eggs is up there! I am a chocolate fiend, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone so I immediately said yes. It’s a hard life.

Easter Eggs
*Disclaimer: I attended this event for free in exchange for my honest opinion on the chocolate which is something I will always give. I was under no obligation to post about the event or promote the giveaway!

The objective of this was to determine the best value Easter eggs on the market so it was important to separate our feelings on specific brands by making the first part a blind taste test. It was only once we had scored the different offerings based on taste alone that the brands (and importantly prices) were revealed to us. There were some shocking results.

First of all, my beloved Lindt was one of those that I gave the lowest score to! This really surprised me as I adore those Lindor balls that they make but maybe it’s the melty middle that makes them so good rather than the chocolate itself?

Secondly, I have quite expensive taste in chocolate… apart from one which would turn out to be our overall winner (which I’ll come to later) I gave almost all of the more expensively priced eggs higher marks than the cheaper priced ones. Oops!

I also, surprisingly, placed the egg that came from the Asda Free From range as my second favourite in the taste test alone. I’ve considered giving up dairy a few time for health reasons but always reasoned that I would never be able to give up chocolate but if milk free chocolate can taste that good maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem,

But what you really want to know is which egg came top and I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that our overall winner for both taste and value was the Mars bar egg. For the full results see this post on the UK Money Bloggers website.

If all this talk of chocolate has got you salivating fear not because thanks to Quidco you can win some Hotel ChocoLat Easter Goodies in our UK Money Bloggers giveaway
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4 thoughts on “Eggcellent Value for Money

  1. Best blogging event, ever! I LOVE chocolate, but since sugar likes to play super un-fun games with my heart, I no longer get to eat it. My absolute favorite chocolate is Ghirardelli. Specifically the squares with the caramel centers. Oh my gosh. If someone offered me £1,000 or the last Ghirardelli chocolate, I’d probably take the chocolate. 🙂

    1. It was pretty intense I have to say. I couldn’t imagine having to give up chocolate, you poor thing! Shall keep an eye out for Ghirardelli on my next trip Stateside – never even heard of it before! xx

  2. OMG this sounds like absolute heaven!! Though I’m off chocolate for lent, so wouldn’t have been able to even go to this. 1 week and 2 days to go!!


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