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Escapemobile: Houdini’s Last Trick, Vaults Festival

Handcuffed to a stranger, thrown in to the back of a van and locked in with only 25 minutes on the clock to escape isn’t how I would usually spend my Wednesday nights but this week I made an exception. You see I’d been invited along to check out Escapemobile – the very first mobile escape room – and I couldn’t very well turn it down, could I?

*Disclaimer: I took part in the Escapemobile for free in exchange for blogging about my experience. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

The Escapemobile is currently located outside entrance to The Vaults in the Leake Street tunnel. It’s completely conspicuous so you’ll recognise it immediately as it’s plastered with pictures of the Great Houdini whose ghost has set you this fantastic puzzle.

You might think that a transit van can’t be that difficult to escape from given its size but you’d be wrong as the team behind the Escapemobile have put an incredible amount of thought into the puzzles that it holds. Every object inside has a purpose and they’ve even managed to give the small space a very cohesive magic theme – something some of the larger escape rooms often fail to do. I must admit though, I was very glad that the engine didn’t start up and drive off with us at any point that would probably have been a step too far – although perhaps the movement would have made it even more of a challenge!

I obviously won’t give away any of the games secrets but it was a thoroughly enjoyable half hour and I’m pleased to say that we made it out with 1 minute 57 seconds left on the clock. Not bad at all, although I was starting to doubt our success when we realised we had only 5 minutes left on the clock!

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The Escapemobile is part of The Vaults Festival (something I’d never heard about before but am really pleased to have found – I’ve just signed up for a festival membership and am looking forward to checking out ‘Neath soon) and is running every Wednesday through Sunday until the 5th March and you can book tickets here. Tickets cost just £9 per person (with a discount if you book for a full team of 5) which I think is a great price and it’s the perfect little escape room to whet your appetite. And who knows it might be coming to a new location near you soon!

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