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Film Premiere – Star Trek: Into Darkness, Leicester Square

I’d only been to one movie premiere before back in 2011 and that was for the final Harry Potter movie. It was pure insanity with thousands of fans queuing for days to ensure they had a prime spot for the festivities. I’m pleased to say that while the ST:ID premiere was buzzing with the same excitement it was a LOT more relaxed, civilized affair.

Some people had been there a very long time but everyone was waiting patiently and in an orderly fashion. Due to train issues I didn’t get there til around 12:30pm but I was able to join some friends in the queue who had got there slightly earlier and the wait began. It was a beautiful sunny, Summer day which made a lovely change from the torrential downpour we endured at the Harry Potter one.


At 2pm they started to usher people into the pens based on a first come first serve basis. We ended up outside the M&M Store near to where the cars were to stop. Due to regulations they had to keep an opening to the store until 4pm which was good as it meant we were free to nip to the loo or grab food/drink if necessary as long as one of our party remained in the pen. I was prepared after the last one though and had a foot long subway and a teeny bottle of water to see me through. The atmosphere was really good and we got chatting to some people behind us who were there hoping to catch a glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch.

At 4pm the amazing security team ensured that we were moved to our new pen in the exact same order we had been in already so that we kept our well-earned places. Considering we hadn’t camped out I thought we had a pretty epic spot, the cars stopped just around the corner from where we were and the press pit was directly opposite so we had a great view for photos. What wasn’t so great was that we weren’t really in the flow of the white carpet so not all of the stars came our way but some did and made the long day totally worth it.


There was some weird kind of warm up act to get us in the mood with some impromptu S to the T to the A to the R rapping but frankly it was a little embarrassing. As was the “reporter” from Yahoo! walking the white carpet and interviewing fans while dressed as Princess Leia, I mean really where did they find here? It was VERY insulting as a fan.


I was really surprised when the first guest on the white carpet was Chris Pine seeing as he is the big star of the movie playing Captain Kirk and all. Unfortunately he was one of those that was swept away from where we were so we didn’t get autographs unfortunately but despite being the first to arrive he was also the last to enter the cinema after signing as many autographs as he could so much respect there. Not knowing about the premiere until the night before I left Aberdeen for London I was completely unprepared but I’d popped into HMV and bought a copy of the first movie which I am so glad I did…

Mr Pegg and newcomer to the franchise Noel Clark (Doctor Who fans know him best as Rose’s long-suffering on again, off again boyfriend Mickey Smith) were up next but despite yelling they also didn’t make it our way. I think some people our way started to feel a little disappointed but there was so much more still to come starting with the stunning Zoe Saldana in a stunning black and white ensemble. Zoe made here way round all of the barriers from what I saw signing autographs as she went for people (including me!!) one auto on my DVD I had the bug and the adrenaline made me forget just how tired I actually was.


The gorgeous Karl Urban also failed to come anywhere near us but the man who made the magic happen JJ Abrams hit the white carpet with his wife and was a fans dream. I’m almost certain he signed for every single person who had something for them, posed for pictures with fans and was also last still out along with Chris. He was humble and seemed to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from the fandom.


Next was my favourite moment of the premiere, the arrival of the beautiful Zachary Quinto. Could that man be any prettier?! There was a LOT of screaming as he headed straight for us and he became autograph number to on my DVD case making me squeal with delight. (Several hours later I had the actual realisation that I had met Zach and spent much of the evening squealing OMG Zachary Quinto over and over again.)


Alice Eve arrived (another newcomer to the franchise) in a lovely suede effect dress…


But she was overshadowed by this bromance happening in the background!


Followed by the ultimate fangasm moment…


Well I thought it was the ultimate fangasm moment but then Benedict Cumberbatch made his entrance and I’m pretty sure the whole of Leicester Square shook as the five main cast stood for press pictures.


Benedict may have also stood on Zoe’s dress while repositioning… oops!


After the group press pics Cumberbatch started to head towards us and pointed right at us we were insanely excited but then half way there he was asked by his PA to have some more pictures taken but she promised he’s be back to see us. There were a few minor celebs on the carpet and JJ final made his way to us becoming autograph number three for me.

Benedict did eventually come back but he bypassed us and went directly across to the opposite side to sign autos and also posed for a few pictures. It was disappointing, especially as he had pointed straight at us, but you can’t have everything I suppose. Some of the girls beside us were actually devastated. I was hoping that Pine would make his way back to us and complete my DVD for me as he seemed to be signing for as many as possible but alas he didn’t make it.


My thoughts on attending premieres are: Go expecting nothing more than an amazing atmosphere and you will never be disappointed, anything else really is a bonus. You can see more of my pictures over in the Star Trek: Into Darkness album on my Facebook page.

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