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Film Premiere – The Wolverine, Leicester Square

red carpet
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again no doubt but I LOVE Twitter. I also love the Den of Geek team very, very much! Last month I was lucky enough to go to a preview screening of Much Ado About Nothing this month I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the Wolverine premiere that took place in Leicester Square on Tuesday. I took a friends mum who is a huge Hugh Jackman fan and we had a great time.

It was a very strange experience being part of a premiere from the other side of the barriers but it was definitely cool walking down the red carpet along with the stars of the film. We were herded through by security a bit quickly for my liking, I understand they have to keep it flowing but they could easily have let us in in groups so that we could have a few seconds to take pictures as we went.


There were two sets of giant claws set up like an archway for us to go under and at the end near the entrance to the cinema the stage was set up with an Audi (sponsors of the film I believe). Hugh Jackman also arrived in a sporty white Audi and posed for pictures with his female co-stars before signing for fans and giving out high-fives and hugs like they were going out of fashion.

We were able to watch all the red carpet action from inside the lovely cool air-conditioned screen (temps were still at around 28 degrees that time at night) and while I kept an eye out for some friends of mine that I knew were there was unfortunately unable to spot them. It was really great to see many of the cast doing the best they could to meet as many fans as possible and I was delighted to see Will Yun Lee signing multiple prem boards (I think Hugh caught on to this later on as well) which are always swiftly claimed once the prem is over! Unfortunately Famke Janssen had a family emergency which she had to attend to and as such did not stay to introduce the film.


Our seats were amazing! I fully expected to be right at the back out-of-the-way but we were third row and dead centre which meant we had a spectacular view as director James Mangold introduced his stellar cast of Will Yun Lee, Rila Fukushima, Tao Okamoto and Hiroyuki Sanada followed of course by the star himself Hugh Jackman. When Hugh joined the cast he showed what a gentleman he is by hugging or kissing each one of them before giving a little speech thanking everyone who had given him the opportunity to play such an amazing part. (Including his mum who turned out to be directly in front of my in the front row and he came over to hug her too *squee*)

hugh mum

You can see more pictures from the evening over on my Facebook Page here. Then it was time for the movie and wow does it not disappoint! No spoilers here given that it doesn’t come out until Wednesday but all I’ll say is that it was good to see Logan embrace his inner mutant. There is of course a mid-credits scene which sets up X-Men: Days of Future Past (which we almost missed because I was positively bursting for the loo!) and OMG! is it 2014 yet?! Thank you again Den of Geek for such a spectacular evening let’s do it again shall we 😉

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