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Film4 Summer Screen, Somerset House


As I’ve mentioned before our company has quite an active social committee and we try to do something different each month. As it had been a warm summer this month’s activity was another outdoor cinema screening but this time instead of on a rooftop it took place at Somerset House.


Somerset House if you don’t know is an art and cultural hub right in the centre of the city on The Strand (and rather conveniently minutes from our office). They host one of London’s many ice rinks during the winter months as well as various exhibitions throughout the rest of the year and for the past ten years they have teamed up with Film4 to present Summer Screen; a fortnight of movie screenings under the stars.


Our movie of choice was the modern Italian masterpiece The Great Beauty, a subtitled movie which won both the Oscar and BAFTA for Best Foreign Language film this year but really wasn’t my cup of tea. Being outdoors there was a lot of stuff going on around us. From helicopters going past or birds coming for a nose around and of course people rustling their ponchos as they tried to get comfortable on the cobbled courtyard (no chairs are allowed, only cushions and blankets) which meant I was easily distracted from the film and being subtitled I missed quite large chunks of it. The movie was also a whopping 2 hours 22 minutes which didn’t help and I left with a rather numb bum desperate for my bed!

Despite all of this it was still a lovely way to spend an evening and the atmosphere was really nice and friendly. It was hard to believe that the bustling city of London was just a few hundred meters away and it’s really good value for the price as you can enter the grounds from 6:20pm (movie starts at 9pm) and have a few drinks/a picnic beforehand if the weather is nice. Although do note that no glass is allowed and canned alcoholic drinks are limited to two per person.

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  1. Oh dear. I went for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes the other Sunday (the second year we’ve been) and I always enjoy it but I think you definitely have to be prepared and pick the right sort of film (easier if it’s not with work). It did of course help that it stayed dry when we went (only just though).

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