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Frozen Singalong, The Prince Charles Cinema


Another blog post another trip to The Prince Charles Cinema, my love for whom is probably quite apparent by now. It was one of my cinema buddies birthdays this past weekend and to (kind of) celebrate we headed there for one of their very popular Frozen singalongs (to be honest we would have gone to the singalong regardless it just happened to be good timing!)

The PCC hold these on a monthly basis and they have both daytime performances as well as adult only evening ones! Due to our schedules we went to the afternoon performance starting at 1pm. Upon entering you are given a goody bag complete with bits and pieces you will require on your singalong journey. A grey balloon (which represents your own troll), a paper crown and a set of clackers so you can make plenty of noise!

I think we must have been some of the only adults there without children in tow but that didn’t stop us from getting into the swing of things, especially not after I’d finished my bottle of pear cider! I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much and I can only imagine the antics that happen during the adults only sessions.

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