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How to be a cinema Superhero

A few weeks ago myself and a few other bloggers along with their plus ones were treated by BGO to a private screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past at the British Film Institute on Stephen Street (Not to be confused with the BFI IMAX at Waterloo!) to celebrate the launch of their brand new superhero themed slot game.

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*Disclaimer: I attended this event for free in exchange for blogging about the event. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

It was a pretty swanky location and we got to have a go at the game ourselves before the movie started as well as indulging in some delicious drinks and canapes. There was even pick n mix and popcorn for those of us who hadn’t stuffed ourselves silly on the mini burgers.

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DOFP is quite possibly my favourite X-Men movie and this was my fourth of fifth viewing so I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the peace and quiet of the small screen.

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I go to the cinema quite a lot and there are some things people seem to do all the time that just frustrate me so here are my steps to being a cinema superhero:

Be on time

Yes, we all know that the trailers last at least 20 minutes from the start time of the movie but it’s really annoying for people who were actually on time to have to move so that you can get to your seat and flashing your phone like a torch so you can see which row is yours is distracting for pretty much everyone.

Sit in your allocated seat

Most cinemas these days pre-allocate seats to ensure that groups can always sit together and you usually get to choose which ones you want. If this is the case sit in the right damn seat! There is nothing worse than turning up to a movie only to find someone sitting in your seat and having to ask them to move. Sure you could just sit in another empty seat but who’s to say that one hasn’t already been allocated to someone else who isn’t there yet? Just sit in the right damn seat OK?

Open packets before the film starts

Snacking is a huge part of cinema culture and I have no problem with this at all. However, if you have packets of sweets or crisps please make sure that you open them before the film starts. Trying to do it quietly in the middle of the movie usually just makes you that much noisier! Same goes for bottles of fizzy juice.

Put your phone away

If you want to use your phone while the adverts are on, then fine. I go to the cinema a lot and there’s only so many times I can watch the same trailers (I don’t actually like trailers all that much) but as soon as the BBFC screen showing the movies rating appears on the screen put your phone away. Make sure it’s at least on silent. Better yet turn the bloody thing off. And here’s the clincher – don’t look at it again until the credits start rolling! Seriously I’m a complete social media addict but if you can’t stay off your phone for a whole two hours you have a problem.

Don’t bloody talk

I go to the cinema to enjoy a movie and get away from life for a couple of hours not to listen to your conversation and be reminded about how much I despair of humanity on occasion. A whispered observation that only takes a second is fine but full blown conversations are a big no no. Seriously why? Why did you just pay however much a cinema ticket costs these days to sit in a dark room and talk when you could pop to Starbucks and grab a coffee with your mate for a fraction of the cost? And talking to someone on the phone? I genuinely think there is a special place in hell for people who do that.

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  1. Ahaha I hadn’t even had the chance to check out the photos from this yet! I love how one of your rules is to put your phone away and there we are taking a flipping selfie!!

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