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International Tabletop Day

Saturday saw the second International TableTop Day courtesy of King of the Geeks Wil Wheaton (better known as Wesley from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Thanks to his brilliant YouTube show, cleverly named TableTop, gaming is making a comeback in a big way. To celebrate, Forbidden Planet in London were hosting a TableTop event where you could turn up and play some of the more popular board games including Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride.

IMG_6535When we arrived we were a bit disappointed as there was only one gaming table set up and some gamers were already well stuck in to a game of Carcassonne but after a good mooch around the store (and some amazing willpower at not spending any money in store) and some patience we were able to try a game of Ticket to Ride which I’d heard really good things about.

I’d never played before, my friend Rob was a complete noob at TableTop gaming, while Grant was well versed in the rules of the game. It started off a little confusing but we soon got used to the rules. Basically you have journey cards and have to use your little trains to complete these journeys across the board. If you complete them by the end of the game you get extra points which all add up, you also get extra points for having the longest train at the end too.


Seamus, the FP staff member who was overseeing our game, was very patient with us and we had a good laugh with each other especially towards the end when we started to block off each others routes while we tried to complete our own. I thought I was doing so well until it was time to add up the scores! Seamus basically destroyed us all but Rob who had done so well at the beginning failed to complete any journeys so ended up somewhere in the low 20’s.


I’ve been playing Ticket to Ride Pocket on my iPhone ever since and I’m seriously considering buying the game and starting up a monthly TableTop night in London. Would any of my readers be interested in coming along? I already know of a great pub in Central London where we could hold it. Huge thanks to Forbidden Planet for introducing me to my new obsession!

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