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Joss Whedon Pub Quiz, The Monarch

As you’ll know from this blog already and my stalking of him over the Summer I’m a big Joss Whedon fan. So on Monday night I took my first trip to The Monarch pub for their Joss Whedon themed pub quiz which I’d found out about through Facebook. Little did I know that it was going to be one of the best evenings out that I’ve had since moving to London.

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The Monarch is a wee dimly lit pub in Camden to which I arrived just before 6:30pm as we were going to have some food before the quiz started at 8pm and it was pretty empty. (I’ll blog about the food separately) I’d seen on the Facebook page that there were only 3 or 4 teams confirmed when I booked out booth so thought it would be a bit quiet however it turned out that they actually ran out of room there were so many people turned up! Entry was just £2 per person (max team size of 6, we ended up with 4 after a doublebooking caused 2 of our team to drop out at the last minute *tsk tsk*) and it’s probably the best £2 I’ve spent recently. After long deliberations on our team name we settled on Once more with answers… and got ready to get stuck in.


There were six rounds in total (which I still think was a little *too* long) with breaks between every second round. After each round we swapped sheets with the teams next to us for marking and then they were handed in for verification which was a very fair way of doing it. It would have been a little more helpful if they decided how many points each question was worth at the beginning (there were some worth multiple points and others where you only got half a point for getting part of it right, not to mention getting a full point in earlier rounds for first/last name only but none for the same thing in a later round!) but the impromptu decision to allow bonus points for those getting up to sing in the Once more with feeling round was a great one indeed.

At the end of the day it turned out we’d actually done pretty poorly (you can see the full results here) but it was a fabulous night with some fabulous people and we’ve already booked two booths for the Sherlock quiz they’re holding in a couple of weeks! Best go brush up on my knowledge with a rewatch then…

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