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Much Ado About Nothing, Den of Geek Preview Screening

I’m just going to start this post by saying I LOVE twitter. I have met so many amazing people, seen and done so many amazing things thanks to this social media platform that it’s hard to imagine my life without it. The latest gift from twitter? A preview screening of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing at Twentieth Century Fox courtesy of Den of Geek with a special Q+A with an undisclosed member of the cast after it to boot.


Those of you who follow my other blog will already know that I’ve seen this masterpiece already at the Glasgow Film Festival (read my practically spoiler free review here) and that immediately after leaving I wanted to watch it again, sign of a great movie if you ask me, so I was thrilled to have this opportunity!

apollo cinema

Beforehand I decided to try my luck at the Apollo Cinema where the official gala screening was taking place in the hopes of meeting some of the cast or other famous people. Unfortunately my inability to be late for ANYTHING meant that I had to leave before any one actually turned up which I was pretty gutted about. Some of my friends had been able to secure seats at the Apple Store’s Q+A session taking place that evening and I started to wonder if maybe they had got the better deal. Still, a second preview screening was not to be sniffed at and I arrived half an hour earlier than I should have to be at the head of the queue – I was determined to get a front row seat OK?!


Simon from Den of Geek, who arranged the screening, teased us before the movie started and refused to tell us who the special guest would be that evening stating only that it wasn’t Joss nor Nathan Fillion (thank god I may have actually died!) but that if we wanted he could pop on a wig and dress up as Nathan to answer some questions for us. Speculation was rife, made worse by the fact that, as far as we were aware, only Amy, Alexis and Joss were in London promoting the movie and why would only one of them do the Q+A when the had been promoting the movie together all day?

20th century fox

The screening ended, there was a massive round of applause (something I would usually frown upon in a cinema setting) then a gasp of “Oh my god” from the other side of the room as those who were able to could see exactly who our special “guest” was for the evening. Simon had lied. Not only was it Joss but he had brought both Amy and Alexis with him. The room exploded in a standing ovation, I was close to tears with happiness (as I am at this moment typing this!) and was completely shaking with adrenaline by the time we sat down. Alexis was sitting less than three feet away from me in my front row seat!!

Team Much Ado

The actual Q+A is a bit of a blur and I can barely remember half of the questions let alone their answers! I do however remember that Alexis was looking ruggedly handsome with his beard, Amy had the most incredible neon yellow stilettos on and Joss just would not sit still, he kept swinging in his chair. They were amazing together bouncing off each others comments and you could really feel their chemistry but all too soon it was over and they were whisked away.

AmyAcker AlexisDenisof JossWhedon

I’d let some friends, who had also been staking out the Apollo earlier in the day with me, know that all three of them were there but it turned out that they already knew as they’d been waiting outside when they arrived. They managed to stall them enough to get some autographs but given that I was a bit slow in leaving the screening room I was only able to obtain one from Amy. Alexis almost signed for me but Amy’s picture was on top and he hopped in the car instead, schoolgirl error for the lose!


It was really funny to hear him shouting at Amy from the back of the car to get a move on because she was eating into beer time! Amy if you’re somehow reading this THANK YOU so much for being awesome

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks – William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing gets a limited nationwide release tomorrow Friday the 14th June.

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