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Rooftop Film Club, Queen of Hoxton


Just before I went on holiday I finally got to try out the rooftop cinema club with some colleagues from work. I loved the concept of it as soon as I heard about it, maybe because it reminded me of those drive in movies you always used to see people go to in American teen movies. The experience itself was interesting.

I already knew where I was headed having been to The Queen of Hoxton roofbar once before with my friend Rob which was a good thing as I got there with only 5 minutes to spare after viewing two different flats after work. Upon arrival I was given a set of wireless headphones and a quick overview of how they worked and had just enough time to grab a coke (which was probably a good thing given I hadn’t had the chance to have any dinner) *phew*

The movie we went to see was Unbreakable (rooftop cinemas tend to show older or classic movies rather than new blockbusters) which I’d seen way back when it first came out. I couldn’t remember exactly what happened over the course of the movie but I did remember being impressed by the ending. Having watched it a second time I’m not quite sure what it was I found so fascinating first time around lol.

But it isn’t the movie that makes rooftop cinema work, it’s the atmosphere. Most people just sat back, chilled out and enjoyed it but I found that there were a lot of distractions and if I hadn’t seen the movie previously I would probably struggle to keep up. People getting up from their seats to get another round of drinks, smoke blowing in my face because of course it’s not banned in an outdoor space and workers in the brightly lit office block behind the screen going about their business were just too much for me. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the evening but it’s not something I think I’d do very often, perhaps only for special occasions or if someone visiting wants to go.

Rooftop Film Club have a couple of locations (Bussey Building, The Roof Gardens Kensington and SpringBridge Car Park as well as The Queen of Hoxton at present) and tend to announce their schedules a month in advance, it can sell out very quickly for the more popular cult movies so be sure to book early if there’s something in particular you really want to see. Tickets are £12 each plus booking fee (although I went free as it was arranged via my companies Sports & Social Club) which is probably around the standard price for a cinema ticket these days so if you think you’d like the atmosphere definitely give it a go!

Top Tip: Get their early and you can grab one of the comfy deckchairs at the front. The rooftop bar will be busy with post-work drinkers but they’ll be asked to ship out if they’re not seeing the movie so that the staff can set up.

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