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xMen All-Nighter, Prince Charles Cinema

So as I said at the end of my last post the reason for my friend Joanna’s visit was so that we could do the all-night X-Men marathon at The Prince Charles Cinema. I’ve been to a few events at the PCC before now and always wanted to do one of their marathons but they always seemed to fall on weekend where I was out of the city.DSCF1524

 This time we planned it all in advance and excitedly took our seats along with Michael, another couple of people he had roped in to coming and a sold-out cinema screen of X-Men lovers to watch a total of five movies. Yes that’s right over 100 of us were crazy enough to attempt to stay up all night and watch movies in the cinema for 11 hours straight! Some of them even did so in costume, respect.


It was a long night (I dozed throughout The Last Stand because let’s face it it’s the worst of the lot) but I had a second burst of energy just in time for First Class which is my favourite of the X-Men movies and we all made it to the very end of the marathon in good spirits.

Survivor Selfie!

For just £20, just £4 per movie, it was an absolute bargain given what it costs to go see a movie in the cinema these days and a whole lot of fun to boot. We made friends with the guys next to us (damn them and their near perfect central seats) sharing in their picnic and just having a laugh. When we left it was daylight and Leicester Square was the quietest I had ever seen it, it was quite spooky actually!

What movie series would you stay up all night to watch? I’m gutted that the next Pixar marathon later this month is on when I’m in Birmingham but I think twice in four weeks might be pushing it anyway.

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