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Yelp Blog School at The Botanist

It would have been very easy to have been offended by the invitation from Yelp that appeared in my inbox inviting me to attend Blog School (d’you think my blog needs a bit of work do you?) but then I saw that my blog friend Frankie was one of the speakers and decided that it wasn’t to be missed. The fact that they were also giving us brunch didn’t hurt either.

Yelp Blog School Swag
*Disclaimer: I attended this event for free in exchange for blogging about the event. Our meal was also complimentary but the below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

Making my way to Broadgate Circle on a windy Saturday morning while wearing a dress was a bit of a challenge and I also managed to get myself lost but still turned up right on time, go me! I’ve read LOADS about Broadgate Circle over the last few months as there have been a ton of new restaurant openings there and I knew it was close to Liverpool Street Station but I had no idea just how close. This would be my new go to place to hang out before catching a train to Ipswich if I was still going there on a frequent basis (I had to ditch some friend/ex dead weight from my life recently and feel so much better for it!) but it’s definitely stored in the memory banks now.

Yelp Blog School Botanist Broadgate Circle

The Botanist is one of those recent openings having only opened in April and the interiors are just stunning and the restaurant also has it’s own club downstairs Soda Room. I’m not going to share what secrets I learned at blog school as Frankie has already divulged all her secrets on her own blog but it was honestly one of the most refreshing talks I’ve been too in the blogging genre and I recommend that you read it for your own inspiration. There was also a talk from Nathan Dainty of VeryCreative Photography centering around how to take better pictures of food. A lot of the information was geared towards people with DSLRs but also included useful tips like asking for window seats to make the most of natural light and

Yelp Blog School Nathan Dainty

But let me get on to what you’re really reading this post to find out about; the food! We were treated to The Botanists Bottomless Brunch menu which you can have as a two or three course meal and then add unlimited Prosecco, Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and house wine for an extra £15 per person which lasts 2 hours. Naturally we went for the three courses and toasted our lovely speakers with the first glasses of Prosecco.

Bottomless Brunch Booze Botanist Broadgate Circle

As a starter I went for the eggs benedict but with a twist, this one came topped with soft shell crab and jalapeno hollandaise sauce this was really good and very moreish. The jalepeno wasn’t too overpowering at all and the lobster made a nice change from my usual salmon.

Soft Shell Crab Eggs Benedict Botanist Broadgate Circle

Making sure that there would be room for pudding I opted for the rather healthy option of a chicken, bacon and avocado caesar salad with the dressing on the side. This is quite possibly one of the tastiest (and most photogenic) salads I have ever had – I actually struggled to finish it.

Chicken Caesar Salad Botanist Broadgate Circle

Then it was time for dessert a dark chocolate delice with ice cream.

Chocolate Delice Botanist Broadgate Circle

This was so rich that I literally couldn’t finish it after indulging in so much delicious food and never ending bubbles. I was quite tipsy by this point and they practically had to throw me out of the venue (joking, I wasn’t THAT bad) but this was seriously one of the best blogging events I’ve been to in a very long time.

The Botanist
Broadgate Circle

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