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#Yelptoberfeast visits Uddericious

In case you weren’t aware Yelp have taken over the month of October to dub it #Yelptoberfeast and are giving away free food and hosting a ton of fun events across the city. A couple of weeks ago I made it along to their event at Udderlicious an utterly delicious (see what I did there?) ice cream shop.

IMG_6248 IMG_6244

With a family history of ice cream making married couple Raj and Raj (no really!) opened the cute little store in Islington two years ago. And what better way to celebrate their second birthday and what better way than with cake! Ice cream cake of course.

IMG_6218 IMG_6241

We all squeezed into the little kitchen to see how the ice cream was made using their industrial ice cream makers and flash freezer. Some of us got to help make chocolate shells which were then filled with the ice cream that had been made earlier and quickly hardened in the flash freezer which we then got to try. There was also a demonstration of ice cream cake decorating which looked like a lot of fun and Haydy was the proud winner of one of them for taking the best picture of the night.


My absolute favourite thing about Udderlicious was how much they listen to their customers. There are only a limited number of slots for ice cream each day and they ask their customers which flavours they would like.


There is also a monthly competition where you can make suggestions as to what should be their flavor of the month. The winner and their invention also get immortalised on the wall of the store and we were lucky enough to see the latest masterpiece in action just before leaving!

There are still a few more Yelp events that you can sign up for and I’ll be heading to both the Bubbletea (I’ve never had it before!) and the big finale pizza party at Voodoo Rays so if you’re around and spot me don’t be shy to say hello!

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