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London Zoo, Regent’s Park

Early last week I was lucky enough to spend some time with one of my oldest friends Kate when she popped down to London with her fiance for a couple of days. She’s quite possibly one of Edinburgh Zoo’s most frequent visitors so it made absolute sense that she would want to see what the London equivalent had to offer. I’d only been to London Zoo once previously and that was almost two years ago at one of their Summer Lates evenings. While I enjoyed it there just wasn’t enough time to explore everything the zoo has to offer and you really do need a whole day to explore!


We set off bright and early getting there for about 10am. There wasn’t a queue so we got right in after buying our tickets and eagerly planned our route. It’s worth noting that the zoo is a lot smaller than it appears from the map but it is more than big enough to spend the whole day there. There are a lot of talks and feeding sessions throughout the day so be sure to plan your movements around these as well if you want to see them!

IMG_6622 IMG_6636 IMG_6642

We didn’t really follow any sort of order to our wanderings but we still took in most of what they had on offer (with the exception of the creepy crawlies and aquarium), saw the animals in action show and enjoyed the afternoon tea themed picnic I had packed beside the meerkats. The tiger cubs had not long been unveiled to the public and we were lucky enough to see the mother take a couple of them outside towards the end of the day! (I think it was our 5th time going back to see them lol)

My favourite parts of the zoo were the butterfly tent, the reptile house where a lot of the animals were doing the rudie and which is, as you should know, also used in the first Harry Potter movie and the penguins which are one of my favourite animals. The zoo is actually very bird heavy so if you’re a fan there is plenty for you to see.

At £26 for an adult entry to the park is a bit on the expensive side (although you do have the option to upgrade to a yearly membership if you think you’ll go back multiple times) but it’s definitely one of the more fun things to do in London especially with children and you can spend as long as you like at the zoo for the day. If you travel by rail there’s also the option to get 241 tickets with Days Out Guide London too or order online for a slight discount. You can see more pictures from my day out over on my Facebook page too!

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  1. I’ve only been to the London Zoo once and it’s worth a visit, although on the expensive side especially in comparison to some of the zoo’s i’ve since visited, the giraffes were certainly my highlight from my visit.

    1. I think we’ve been rather spoiled with the beauty that is Edinburgh Zoo that this was a little underwhelming for the price. Those tiger cubs though… So cute!!

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