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The London Bridge Experience & Tombs


I’ve categorised this under both museum and theme park because it’s both but also not quite either. Voted the UK’s best scare attraction for the past 5 years and with a hope to retain this for 2014 this one isn’t for the faint hearted. The experience is essentially split into two, for the first half; the London Bridge Experience, you are led by actors on a tour of London Bridge’s many forms and its history. There is a lot of good information given as well as a lot of fun to be had which will keep the kids entertained for the first thirty minutes or so of your visit.

If you’re brave enough you then set off in smaller groups into the Tombs, a former plague pit, which are dimly lit and host all kinds of horrible nasties designed to terrify. Make your way past walls that are dripping in blood, squeeze through confined spaces and gasp in terror as you’re met with spiders, snakes, ghosts and ghouls, and many other horrors. It’s a thrilling journey that uses the latest in Hollywood style wizardry and hilarious live actors. Children under 11 can request a special “Guardian Angel tour” which tones down the scares and skips a few extreme bits. Anyone with a heart condition, claustrophobia, breathing difficulties etc will be advised not to go into the tombs.

My ticket was purchased on Wowcher a while back but tickets cost £20 for an adult and £17 for a child. A little expensive for what it is really but if you like a good scare probably worth it!

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