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The London Dungeons


Along with the voucher for a St Paul’s Cathedral visit I was also able to get one for a trip to the London Dungeons using my mum’s clubcard points – ta mum! After my experience at the London Tombs I didn’t quite want to try this one on my own and luckily Joanna was up for coming with me when she stayed.

I’d always recommend pre-booking in advance for these sort of attractions as you then have a guaranteed allocated slot and usually get a discount as well. Sadly you can’t do this with the clubcard voucher. We got there a little later than intended, about 12:30pm, but were lucky enough to get straight in to join the queue.


You queue up in the dark with various bits and pieces of history/fun to keep you entertained while you wait and are then let through in small groups. Of course first thing you have to do is pose for the green screen photos that are pretty much compulsory at a Merlin attraction before being led to your doom…

I won’t spoil the adventure but I actually thought it was pretty good fun. Live actors tell you some of the more gruesome tales from London’s past interspersed with some pretty fun rides and special effects designed to shake you up a little. It’s a bit like rudimentary immersive theatre I suppose. It’s had a bit of a revamp after moving from their Tooley Street site to County Hall and it’s definitely a fun thing to experience especially if you like to get a little scared. It’s suitable for age 8+ and while there was a wee brave girl who was younger than this in our group and she seemed quite content I wouldn’t recommend it for young uns!

The one drawback of the Dungeons is the price. As Joanna had to buy on the day she paid a whopping £25.95 to enter. Given that the whole experience is over in 90 minutes I think that this is quite steep but their online price of £20.50 is much closer to it’s worth in my opinion. Enter if you dare…

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