Anges de Sucre, Kensington


I mentioned Anges de sucre on my first vlog (watch here!) but I couldn’t not do a proper review on it on my blog. The little boutique store only opened in London in April but had already made a name for itself. Anges de Sucre is French for Sugar Angels and this little gem is just that. Home to some of the most delectable handmade macarons, marshmallows and the best white hot chocolate I have ever tasted!

The shop is tiny yet a perfect example of good things coming in small packaging with the exterior beautifully hand-painted with delicate birds and flowers. Inside is just as gorgeous with a flower framed mirror taking centre stage.


Unfortunately the shop is too small for any seating so it’s takeaway only which only makes the decision making harder as you can’t decide just to have another flavour if you find your selection isn’t quite enough. In the end I chose damask rose & lavender fields for my macarons washed down with a white hot chocolate.


Having done the cupcake and macaron tour of London I know what to expect from a good French macaron and tested them using the pinch technique. Luckily they didn’t crack so were obviously freshly made. The rose flavoured macaron was perfect but I did feel that the dark chocolate ganache in the centre of the lavender one just didn’t work and it would have been better with a lighter vanilla cream. The hot chocolate though was the best I have ever tasted and if we had been able to sit in it’s very likely I would have gone home with my own milk bottle full of powder to make some at home!

Anges de Sucre
7 Minerva Road
NW10 6HJ

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  1. I’m must have gone into an alter ego. The shop is very small with hardly anywhere to stand let alone sit. A queue of 3 people means you have to stand in the street to wait your turn. The macarons were stale and the choice limited. There was very little choice in other items. Apart from stale macarons, over priced cupcakes (last two mid morning & no top up!), marshmallows. Not exactly a lot of finesse there. And whole celebration cakes. All in all a disappointment for a bakery in South Kensington.

  2. Hi Husaini (aka Jerry Z, Dilbert Byrdy etc),
    It seems you’ve been posting this fake slanderous review on multiple sites. Unfortunately for you we’ve been able to gather proof that you are related to the #bloggerblackmail incident and are coming to the blogger’s defence by slandering us online.
    As much as we take genuine customer complaints and feedback seriously we also take slander seriously. Please remove these fake reviews so we can all focus on moving forward from #bloggerblackmail. Thanks!
    Ps: hi Leanne! Sorry about posting my first comment on your blog as a defensive one…but this person is out of control and sadly we feel we now need to address it! x

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