Armadillo Cafe & Grill, Gatwick Airport

As you may or may not be aware if you follow my Facebook page I’m currently back home in Aberdeen for ten days in an attempt to get my flat into a decent enough state to rent out while I’m living in London. Since I don’t move into my new place until the end of May this helps me save on accommodation or being a burden to already overly generous friends who’ve been putting me up this far. I caught a flight home from Gatwick as it was the cheapest option and as I was flying at 6:35pm I was in need of some sustenance to last me til I got home and into my own bed!

After balking at the prices at the Caviar bar and not feeling the Red Lion Wetherspoons (I’ve been eating out at a lot of these trying to keep my expenses down) I explored the upstairs floor where the majority of the eateries are situated and settled on the Armadillo Cafe & Grill as I was in the mood for something spicy. Their menu has a Southern USA theme but there’s something for everyone. I fancied something spicy so settled on the Santa Fe Veggie Bean Quesadilla which was £8.45 and came with a choice of salad or tortilla chips.

armadillo food

Washed down with a glass of their own Armadillo Juice (a blend of mango juice, passion fruit juice, lemon juice, freshly squeezed orange juice and a dash of grenadine) for £2.90 – a bit more sensibly priced than the drinks at The Breakfast Club!

Armadillo juice

It was a little milder than I expected but the lovely gooey cheese on top made up for it. The edges of the tortilla wrap had hardened which was a little disappointing but delicious when dipped in the little pot of salsa that it came with. The portion size wasn’t huge but it was enough to satisfy my hunger. I only wish I had asked one of the waiters for some guacamole to go with it as I think that would really have topped it off perfectly.

I was sat near the railings overlooking the hustle and bustle of the airport so with plenty of time to spare I indulged in some people watching over a small glass of rosé‎ wine after my food and just soaked up the atmosphere. For an airport eatery it was very chilled out and relaxed and in my opinion reasonably priced.

Armadillo Cafe & Grill
Gatwick Airport

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