Burger & Lobster, St Pauls

I had a couple of hours to kill before I could check in for my staycation at The Grange St Paul’s and looking up restaurants in the area I was spoilt for choice. What I really wanted was somewhere relaxed where I wouldn’t look out of place dining alone, that wouldn’t break the bank but would also be a treat. After all it’s not every day you turn 31!

Now, I love lobster. I don’t really remember when or where I first had this revelation but it’s always top of my list when I’m looking to spoil myself but it’s usually expensive. Then I remembered the new branch of Burger & Lobster that was opening across the road when I stayed at the Threadneedles hotel a couple of years ago – upon checking out their site there was another even closer location in the form of Bread Street tucked away behind One New Change in the City.

Walking in I was greeted by the hustle and bustle of city workers having lunch as well as families tucking into their lunches and despite their no bookings policy was swiftly shown to a small table by the window where I could happily while away a couple of hours without feeling like a burden. The restaurant is super spacious with plenty of seating, live lobsters chilling in tanks and old lobster traps masquerading as light shades.

Now a couple of years ago, there was no menu at Burger & Lobster (the clue is in the name as to what they sell) but last year they bowed to the pressure of the literal thousands of messages they had received enquiring about one and while there are a couple of different options available that weren’t before it’s still very much a two man show. You can order one of a handful of burgers (including a veggie option) or lobster either whole or in roll form. If you’re feeling super brave you can try the B&L combo which includes both a 6oz burger AND a 1 1/4 lb lobster.

I wasn’t quite up to the challenge so settled on the latter; grilled, served with chips and salad on the side and washed down with a delicious Soft Shell (non-alcoholic) mocktail. The fries are skinny, just the way I like them although I was less enamoured with the side salad which was completely drenched in some kind of dressing and not at all pleasant but I wasn’t here for the sides. I was here for the star attraction – Canadian lobster.

I picked up the lobster fork I had been provided with and tucked into some of the most succulent lobster I’ve ever eaten and I poked and prodded every last bit of meat out of the shell that I could. The claw was definitely my favourite part. It’s awkward and messy but having to work for it made it taste even sweeter. I’m salivating just thinking about it now.

Burger & Lobster have also changed their pricing model – previously any main dish from the menu cost a flat fee of £20 (I guess the burger price subsidised the more expensive lobster) but now burgers cost around £16 and the smallest available lobster starts from £23 – chalkboards on the walls will make you aware of any bigger specials they have available that day.

Burger and Lobster
1 Bread street

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