Byron Burger, Leicester Square

Byron Burgers is something of a London institution now so it’s quite shocking that I’ve been living in the city over a year and hadn’t yet tried one. I think because they are always around it’s easy to say well I can try it another time but when I met up with my friend Howard last Friday after work for a quick catchup this is where we ended up. And boy was it worth the wait!

We ended up in the Charing Cross Road branch in Leicester Square which is pretty much directly across the road from my old office building so I have no idea how I’d neve rbeen in. It’s quite compact in size but has lovely views of the lane that was used as Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies. (I’m so sad I moved to London after filming for all of the movies was already completed 🙁 ) We were given a little table in the corner which was nice as it was a bit quieter for chatting and there was less hustle and bustle.


A quick glance at the drinks choice and the Oreo cookie milkshake leapt out the page at me asking to be ordered and was even able to tempt Howard to try its offerings as well but the burger choice was a bit more difficult. In fact our milkshakes had already been made up and delivered by the time our waitress came back to take our order and she was treated to the face that I make when I taste something bloody amazing as I took my first sip just when she came over. It must have been quite a sight as she couldn’t stop giggling bless her but if you’ve ever tried one of these shakes you’ll know exactly what I mean! I think it’s the best shake I’ve EVER had.

Byron offer monthly specials on top of their regular menu and this month it’s the Shady burger (crispy cheese, pickle relish, American cheese, onion & ketchup) which sounded amazing (minus the ketchup – blech!) but it was the smoky (smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, crispy fried onions, shredded iceberg, pickles and smoked chilli BBQ sauce) that tempted me in the end along with a side of onion rings. I did have to ask for no pickles because honestly who thinks those things are a good idea?!  Look at this yummer!


The bacon was super crispy the way I like it, the burger cooked perfectly (medium well for me) and the bun was great and didn’t fall apart as you were trying to eat either. I couldn’t finish it off but Howard was more than happy to give me a helping hand – well it would have been rude to let it go to waste!

The best bit about the burgers is that even the special comes in at under a tenner. The onion rings on the other hand were very disappointing, overly greasy and not very crispy so I think Howard chose the better side option with the fries but this is definitely some place I would be willing to come back to in future!

Byron Burger
24-28 Charing Cross Road

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  1. For my shame I’ve been here three years now and haven’t been to Byron but I’ve heard so many good things I think I need to. It sounds like (apart from the onion rings) a really good meal.

  2. […] I didn’t have any plans for Friday night as I was planning on resting up ahead of taking on the Thames Path Challenge on the Saturday but then my friend Howard was in the city so we met up for a drink and dinner. We went to Byron for a burger and milkshake, it was my first time at a Byron and you can read all about that visit here! […]

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