Cabana, Covent Garden


On Friday night I had a long overdue catchup with some of my favourite blogging girlies at Cabana near Covent Garden. We see each other every now and then at events but we’re so busy taking pictures and notes so that we can write our posts we don’t always have time to just sit down and chat so it was nice to have absolutely no pressure whatsoever and just enjoy each others company.


Naturally there was still a whole bunch of photo taking though – there are some habits that are just too hard to break! In fact we even made Katy art director for the evening so that she could assemble the perfect flatlay for us.


Cabana offer 241 cocktails until 7pm so we quickly ordered in a round before even looking at the food menus then did a bit of a switcheroo so we could each try two different ones. Jasmin and I each had a Carlos the Godfather – Gin, elderflower, lemon & lime – each (I’ve always been adamant that I don’t like gin but actually that’s not true, I don’t like the tonic that it’s so often served with, in a cocktail it goes down rather too well!) and classic caipirinha’s which was nice but I sucked up a sharp piece of plastic from it at one point which kind of put me off the rest of the drink.

The cosmo isn’t mine, I stole one of Katy’s just so I could take this pic!

Jasmin ordered us some guacamole and tortilla chips to start – y’all know my feelings about guac already so I won’t wax lyrical on this except to say this one had and excellent kick to it.


Always the one with food envy I decided to opt for a couple of small plates to eat rather than a starter, main and dessert. I went for the spicy malagueta prawns, cheesy baked doughballs and crispy squid and split a side of sweet potato fries with Natasha.


The prawns were far spicier than I was expecting (yeah clue is in the name right?) to the point where I didn’t quite enjoy them and I needed  a ton of water to wash them down with. The doughballs were also underwhelming as they were quite heavy and dry but the squid was to die for (not quite as good as the offering at Ceru mind you) and the sweet potato fries were basically perfection! But I wasn’t really there for the food, I was there for the company and in that respect it definitely delivered. Check out the blogs of these lovelies right here: Natasha, Katy, Viki, Milly, Jasmin and our lovely organiser Emma!


Oh and if you go, don’t forget to check out the bathrooms. They’re super sweet and I loved this sign!

7 Central St Giles Piazza
St Giles High Street

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  1. Ahhh looking at these photos now is making me soooo hungry again! Those sweet potato fries were AMAZING… as was the company 🙂 Lovely to meet all of you girls – we should meet more often! x

    1. Yeah I’d quite like some more of those fries please! We should totally try and arrange a monthly thing (like last Thursday of the month) and whoever can make it comes along! x

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