Cafe Pacifico, Covent Garden


My friend Michael and I were looking for somewhere to eat near Covent Garden before heading to the cinema and stumbled upon Cafe Pacifico, a tiny little mexican restaurant next to Pineapple dance studios that I’d been to once before many moons ago before moving to London. I remember them doing the most amazing margaritas and fajitas and it was relatively quiet so we decided to pop in.


I’m trying to be a little more adventurous when ordering out so rather than sticking with one of their tried and tested dishes I opted for the curado tequila creole sea scallops with crab and asparagus as I absolutely adore seafood but don’t eat it enough. As this was just a starter option the waiter suggested that I also get a portion of rice on the side to bulk it out a bit which was definitely a great suggestion.

Sadly I was left quite disappointed with my choice though as the sauce while nice was very thick and creamy leaving an odd tar like coating on my tongue. The first few bites were lovely but it soon became a bit sickly. Michael on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed his chile con carne and I know that they do other dishes really well so I do still recommend this place but I left after this visit feeling a bit dissatisfied unfortunately.

Café Pacifico
5 Langley Street

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