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The Brunch Diaries: Caravan, Kings Cross

It seems like ages since I wrote a food post that doesn’t revolve around afternoon tea but my second favourite meal has to be brunch and I really like it when places continue to serve their brunch menu until late afternoon because I’m not a morning person whatsoever.

Meeting Victoria about 3pm at Kings Cross after RideLondon I was at a bit of a loss where to go as I don’t really know the area well. We headed to Caravan because I had heard good things about their coffee – ironic really given that I can’t stand the stuff.


It was a beautiful day so we chose (along with pretty much everyone else who was there) to grab a table outside in the sunshine. It had a really nice buzz with everyone chatting excitedly and the sounds of the children playing in the nearby fountains. They also had these really cute, cosy blankets for people in case it got cold (or in my case had left their cardigan in their friends bicycle basket – doh!)

We ordered some peach bellinis – because brunch – and perused the menu. I fully intended to be original but I’m sorry I just can’t help it, when I see a mention of avocado I just have to have it and so poached eggs on toast with a side of avocado were swiftly ordered by myself while Victoria went for the caravan fry with scrambled eggs. (Her picture is way more artistic than mine, she should really start a blog 😉 )


I won’t lie the service was  pretty slow due to the fact that they were so busy but after our order had finally been taken the food arrived in no time at all and was quickly scoffed. My biggest gripe was that there was only a single solitary piece of toast which really wasn’t enough to go around and especially not for the price I paid but the eggs were cooked to perfection and the avocado with its chilli kick was fantastic smooshed into the sourdough bread.


I had a peek inside when I popped to the loo and while it was nice enough – if a bit bare and rustic – it did seem to be quite dark and not as appealing as outside. Caravan isn’t somewhere to visit every weekend but I’d definitely recommend it for a sunny day like we had!

1 Granary Square
Kings Cross

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