Catford Constitutional Club, Catford


I went to my first blookclub (bloggers bookclub) this month which is held in random SouthEast London locations. This months host location was the Catford Constitutional Club whose owners are in the process of resurrecting an old style social club. It’s very easy to miss this place as it’s hidden down a passageway off Catford Broadway but it’s worth the effort to find it.

The pictures don’t really do it justice I’m afraid but they’ve left the parquet flooring, 70’s wallpaper and cornice work in place giving it that shabby chic vibe. The tables and seating don’t match and the building boasts high ceilings that are rare in London these days. We were seated in the lounge area which was separate from the bar which made it quieter, ideal for book club natter. The staff even asked us if we wanted the music turned down a little before we started.


Having come straight from work I was super hungry and the menu was to die for so I had to order something to munch on. Most of the other ladies just has fries but I couldn’t resist the mussels when I spotted them on the menu. It was just a starter portion but it was enough for me. Although I could have done with more bread to mop up the delicious sauce with! And for just £6 it was a complete bargain. In fact on the entire menu everything was under £16 and everything I saw come out of the kitchen looked amazing. I’d definitely be happy to come back if blookclub returns here again!

Catford Constitutional Club
Catford Broadway

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