Ceru, London Bridge

A little while back I was lucky to be one of the winners of Her Fav Food’s 5th birthday giveaway and won a meal for two at pop-up Ceru. I’d been meaning to visit them in their previous location of Rathbone Place but hadn’t made it before it closed so was happy to have a second chance.


The pop up was sharing space with London Riviera and with views like these they couldn’t have asked for a better spot! The only downside was that all the seating was outdoors but that didn’t impact us as we couldn’t have picked a more beautiful evening if we’d tried.


Being a competition winner I wasn’t really sure what to expect but they knew I was coming and had reserved a table for us. Rather than have us pick what we thought looked good they put together a mezze selection for us which basically consisted of the whole menu! Honestly there was so much food, we were treated so well.


To “start” we had pancar and houmous with pita bread for dipping, grilled corn on the cob with chilli salt and triple cooked chunky chips. I’m not a fan of beetroot so the pancar wasn’t to my taste and I won’t lie I found the houmous a bit bland but the corn on the cob was perfection – juicy and flavourful I couldn’t stop eating it and had three of the pieces all to myself. We’d barely made a dent in what we’d been presented when round two made its appearance!


Halloumi cheese, spice roasted chicken skewers, lamb and pistachio kofte kebabs and an extremely generous portion of crispy spiced squid.


I adore halloumi and this was cooked very well allowing the cheese to retain its flavour and signature squeak.


The chicken skewers had the right balance of spice so I didn’t feel like my mouth was on fire and the delicate yoghurt and herb dressing went really well with it.


I’m not a huge lamb fan but these were surprisingly tasty – that said I found the pistachio to be quite overpowering in some mouthfuls.


But the absolute star dish of the night was the incredible crispy spiced squid which I just couldn’t get enough of! The coating reminded me of the stuff you get in the Old El Paso Crispy Fajita kit (but ten times better) and it was even delicious cold. (I may or may not have taken the leftovers home with me on the DLR for a nibble even though I was far past bursting point!)

Everything was washed down with a refreshing homemade melonade which really made it feel like summer and a few cocktails from the Riviera bar next door. Paired with the sunshine and great company I couldn’t have asked for a better evening! Ceru are once again on the move and you can find them in their new home at 35 Cannon Street from 30th September. (But don’t eat all the squid, I’mma need some more of that soon!)

*Now open in South Kensington*

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