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It’s been almost two weeks since I went to Chin Chin Labs and I can’t believe I’m only just now getting around to blogging about it! It was one of the places at the top of my must-visit-while-in-London list and I’m pleased to say that it lived up to expectations. Chin Chin Labs make ice-cream but not just any ice-cream, liquid nitrogen frozen ice-cream made right there in front of you while you wait.

IMG_2190 IMG_2193

The place looks a bit like a chemistry lab with test tubes and containers containing their signature toppings (grilled white chocolate anyone?) and of course the smoke pouring from the mixers as the ice-cream is chilled it’s pretty magical.

nitrogenThey have regular chocolate and vanilla flavours as well as specials and flavour of the week (at the time of writing these are Strawberry & Hay in time for Wimbledon – 24 hour hay infused milk pared together with Sonata strawberries and Griddled Peach – their dairy free alternative) and a huge array of toppings and sauces. For £3.95 you get a small bowl of your chosen flavour with one topping but you can add extras for an additional fee. It’s not cheap so probably a special treat rather than a weekly indulgence.

vanilla nitro I was very boring and had the vanilla ice-cream with the grilled white chocolate. The ice-cream was deliciously creamy and smooth but what I really loved was the chocolate. Whoever’s idea it was to grill it is a freaking genius! I’ve been raving about it ever since! I want to go back though and try more of the toppings, the popping candy looks particularly interesting.

Chin Chin Laboratories
49-50 Camden Lock Place

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