Fratelli Deli Cafe, Aldwych

I can’t remember where I first read about the Fratelli Deli franchise but I remember there being comments about how good the coffee was. So when it turned out that there was a branch near our new office, as a tea drinker, I simply filed it away as somewhere nearby where I could meet friends for lunch if they were ever in the area. Which is exactly what I did on Thursday when my friend Joanna was in town.


The Aldwych deli is quite small with room for maybe twenty people or so to sit down inside and another couple of outdoor tables of two as well. Given that it’s January we chose to eat inside at a little table tucked in to the back corner against the beautiful wall I’ve included a picture of above. It really made the place seem a little more cosy. Their menu isn’t extensive but they put a big emphasis on good quality fresh produce offering paninis, flatbreads, croissants and also lovely Italian pasta to customers as well as an assortment of delicious looking homemade cakes and brownies.

IMG_5012I settled for a hot prosciutto and mozzarella flatbread which was toasted to perfection for me by our server and brought to our table, which I then washed down with a proper glass bottle of coca cola. It was a lovely place just to sit and have a natter with Jo (who had a coffee and confirmed that it was delicious) and nibble on the lovely food. Mine was so filling that I had to sneak half of it into my handbag to take back to the office so if that’s not testament as to its tastiness I don’t know what is, and yes it did taste just as nice cold. At £6.35 for the flatbread and drink it’s not somewhere I’d go every day for my lunchtime sandwich but it’s a great place to go for a treat especially if you’re looking for some place quiet for a chat that isn’t just another Starbucks or Costa!

Caffè Fratelli Aldwych
7-9 Aldwych
Charing Cross

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