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Welcome to Jackson & Rye, my new favourite restaurant in London.


When my friend Joanna came to stay for the weekend it was a chance to check out so many of the places that have been on my to visit list since I moved. Since Bubbledogs was closed for their summer holidays (boo πŸ™ ) we headed to Jackson and Rye on Friday after work for some well-earned cocktails.

From left to right: Rossini and White Peach Bellini

We were quite a bit early but we were seated straight away by the window overlooking Wardour Street, a perfect spot for a bit of people watching. We ummed and ahhed over what to have and decided to share a couple of sides as well as having a main dish each.

IMG_6179 IMG_6181 IMG_6180

I chose the roasted sea scallops while Joanna had the pumpkin & ricotta ravioli which she kindly let me have a taste of. While both were very tasty I definitely need to come back for my own portion of that ravioli, it was divine! We had a side of the sweet potato fries which were easily the best I have ever tasted and we splashed out on the truffled mac & cheese which literally just melted in your mouth.


Here’s a close up of that mac & cheese for you, it was just THAT good!

From left to right: Black ‘n’ rye and a Breakfast Sour


Of course in order to give you a thorough review we had to work our way through the rest of the cocktail menu and while the breakfast sour was definitely my favourite of the evening we just HAD to try the special of the day just to be sure!

But the star of the entire meal was the pudding. It was a tough decision but after seeing the melting chocolate sundae on Rosie Londoners blog earlier this year I knew I had to try it myself. Joanna went for what would have been my second choice the toasted marshmallows with blood orange sorbet & chocolate sauce.

IMG_6184 IMG_6185

There was no sharing of these desserts and several hours later we were still arguing about whose was better! I still maintain that mine with its hot butterscotch sauce cracking open the hard chocolate shell to reveal the gooey deliciousness that was the chocolate brownie to be the best but Joanna says that the blood orange sorbet was to die for. I guess that means that we’ll have to return for another visit and taste test all the puddings for accuracy! I still have the peanut butter cookies on my radar too.

All in all the bill came to just under Β£100 for the two of us including a total of four cocktails each which was a pretty good deal in my opinion! The cocktails in particular are a bargain for Soho where you can easily pay up to Β£15 each and the whole place just has a really nice vibe to it, laid back and fun.

Jackson & Rye
56 Wardour Street

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