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The Brunch Diaries: Kopapa, Seven Dials

Yes, yes I’ve been brunching again! I just can’t help it it’s become one of my favourite things (in fact I may have mentioned this already but Jen and I have already decided we’re swapping our monthly afternoon tea adventures for brunch ones in 2016 so expect to see more eggs on the blog next year for sure!)

Anyhoo, Michael and I were actually meant to be going for brunch at Roka as they had an insane deal through one of those discount voucher sites (I can’t remember which one) but sadly by the time we had settled on a date they had all gone – boo! Then our friend Rob decided to come into London for the day and join us and I had to think of somewhere else we could try sharpish. As usual Zomato to the rescue and I soon had a table for the three of us booked at Kopapa in Seven Dials. Did you know you can book tables via the app itself? I didn’t but it’s linked to OpenTable which does it all for you automatically (without having to talk to a human being – I can’t be the only one who hates using the phone can I?!) and even better you can earn points which can be exchanged for vouchers which means money off food! Literally my favourite thing.


Sadly Michael couldn’t join us in the end so after we caught the murderer in Primrose Hill we hopped on a bus for our well-earned meal. Kopapa is a Kiwi restaurant and while I have enjoyed an Australia brunch from Granger & Co I’d never had food from New Zealand so was interested to see what spin they would put on their dishes.

The first thing that caught my eye on their menu was the Crosstown doughnuts – naturally – and the second their sea salt caramel & vanilla milkshake. I actually just really wanted a nice cold glass of coke with my brunch but Rob took one for the team and ordered one just so I could photograph it! (OK maybe he actually did want to try it a little bit too)


Choosing what to eat was a more difficult but I was determined to go for something different from my usual avocado on toast with poached eggs (although here they do mix it up a bit with some added goats cheese) and decided to try the chorizo hash.


It came with two fried eggs, rocket, sriracha chilli sauce and crispy shallots and it was… hot! In the spicy sense. I don’t know if it was just because the first bite I took had a lot of sauce on it or if I’m a wimp (Rob didn’t think it was very spicy at all) but I found the sauce pretty overpowering and wished I’d asked for it on the side. The chorizo hash itself was really good though. I think the dish would have worked better with poached eggs rather than fried but that’s really just personal opinion.


Rob went for the hot smoked salmon on toast with spinach, poached eggs & yuzu hollandaise sauce which looked incredible although as happened at Caravan there was a distinct shortage in the toast department!

We were satiated but not full so thought we would treat ourselves to some of those lovely doughnuts we’d spotted when we arrived but sadly our waitress never actually offered us the dessert menu or asked if we wanted any more drinks so we gave up waiting and called it a day. To be fair it was probably the right call as I don’t think the spicy sauce sat well with my stomach! I appreciate that the restaurant was packed but the service really wasn’t up to scratch and the tables are all super close together which makes it really noisy as well. Probably not somewhere I’d return any time soon.

*Now closed*

*I’m not being paid by Zomato to feature them, I actually just think their app is fab!

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  1. I love brunch also, you do manage to find the nice estate places and I think I would refer to your blog posts on deciding where to eat on a trip to London, the brunch looked amazing, you got me at salted caramel!
    Love your blog. Dawn X

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